Ditch the digital chaos (and stop being a digital packrat)

Say Hello to a Organized Computer in just 4 weeks.

Create a System Your ENTIRE Digital World in just 4 Weeks and KEEP it organized with our Signature 13 Pillar Organization System

Simplify Your Digital Life LIVE (+ Notion Foundations: All Access



-Chaotic Photos EVERYWHERE

-Thousands of Unread Emails cluttering your inbox

-Files that take you minutes or even hours to find, wasting time and energy

This LIVE 4 week training program will help you create an actual SYSTEM, turning you from a DIGITAL PACKRAT to a DIGITAL SYSTEMIZER (in a simple easy to remember formula that has transformed actual lives)

You are losing time and money digging through your computer trying to find the important documents, photos, emails and more. Master the REPEATABLE 13 Pillar System

With our online LIVE course, you can bid farewell to the clutter that slows you down. No more lost documents, misplaced photos, or hunting for that crucial file buried deep within your computer. "Simplify Your Digital Life LIVE" is designed to declutter and organize your digital space effortlessly.

Imagine a world where every file, photo, and document is at your fingertips, neatly categorized and easy to locate. Our product transforms the chaos into a well-organized digital haven, ensuring that you can access what you need in seconds.

Embrace a more efficient and stress-free digital experience. Say goodbye to the frustration of a cluttered computer and welcome the simplicity and order that "Simplify Your Digital Life LIVE" brings. Your computer will thank you, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

The 4 Week Program Structure & How This Program Will Help You:

  • Week 1 Will help you understand how to organize your computer into the 13 Pillar System

  • Week 2 Will walk through how to organize the thousands of photos you have across multiple systems

  • Week 3 Will help you organize your inbox and get rid of thousands of emails and set up a NEW system that keeps you on top of them

  • Week 4 Will help organize the rest of your files on your computer!

The importance of having a clean computer

"For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned."

- Benjamin Franklin

Meet Jenna

Creator, Simplify Your Digital Life LIVE

As an ADHDer, I've always struggled to maintain a sense of order and organization. But I was always struggling.

I realized for many of my clients as well, organizing their computers was a problem that NO ONE was talking about.

So I spent a long time looking and then....

That's when I discovered the 13 Pillar System and it changed my entire life.

I realized how much it helped me and felt compared to share it with every person I know. I know for a FACT that it has helped the many people I have shared it with and I KNOW it will help you too!

Simplify Your Digital Life LIVE

Detangle your computer and have piece of mind KNOWING you know where everything is instantly in just 4 weeks!


  • Access to the 4 Week (4 Session) LIVE Workshops (Value $97)

  • Immediate Access to Notion Foundation: All Access (Value $147)

  • Immediate Access to Simplify Your Digital Life (Mini Course) ($27 Value)

Week 1: 13 Pillars

Learn the ins & outs of the 13 Pillar SystemHow it can be used by multiple apps & systemsAll of the colors & ways to use it in your life

Week 2: Organize Your Photos

Learn how to optimize and use Google Photos to organize all of your photo & video content

Week 3: Organize Your Email

Get to inbox 0 fast!

Learn how to apply the 13 Pillars to email as well as hacks to KEEPING your email in check!

Week 4: Organize Your Files

Learn to organize your computer files using the 13 Pillar System, including adding files to Notion

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Includes Notion Foundations: ALL ACCESS ($150 offer) FOR A LIMITED TIME

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